Interoperability is essential to all Bluetooth technology solutions.

For consumers, interoperability means that Bluetooth® enabled products work together the way they are supposed to. For developers, it means that Bluetooth technology solutions support compatible profiles and roles.

The Bluetooth SIG’s goal is to help members identify and address interoperability issues between devices before they reach the marketplace. To this end, the Bluetooth SIG offers Interoperable Prototype Test Events (IOP) throughout the year and in locations around the world. These events are tailored for a specific industry segment or a specific specification version. They help SIG members verify new specifications during the prototyping phase and foster interoperability in member-requested usage scenarios.

All members, including Adopters, are encouraged to participate in these events. With early insight into new specifications and adoption schedules, participating members can gain competitive advantage by bringing new functionality to market more quickly.

For a list of upcoming UPF and Formal IOP opportunities, please visit the events page.