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Name: Link Loss

Type: org.bluetooth.service.link_lossDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x1803


This service defines behavior when a link is lost between two devices.


The LINK LOSS Service is instantiated as a Primary Service. There is only one instance of the Link Loss Service on a device. There is only one instance of the Alert Level characteristic in a Link Loss Service. This alert continues until one of following conditions occurs: • An implementation specific timeout • User interaction on this device • A new alert level is written • The physical link is disconnected


If the current link loss alert level is “No Alert”, no alerting is done on this device.

If the current link loss alert level is “Mild Alert”, the device alerts.

If the current link loss alert level is “High Alert”, the device alerts in the strongest possible way.

Service Dependencies

This service has no dependencies on other GATT-based services.

GATT Requirements

Sub-Procedure Server Requirement
Write Characteristic Value Mandatory

Transport Dependencies

Transport Supported
Classic true
Low Energy true
High Speed

Error Codes

This service does not define any application error codes that are used in Attribute Protocol.

Service Characteristics

Overview Properties Security Descriptors
Alert Level
The Alert Level characteristic is used to expose the current link loss alert level that is used to determine how the device alerts when the link is lost.
Property Requirement
Read Mandatory
Write Mandatory
WriteWithoutResponse Excluded
SignedWrite Excluded
Notify Excluded
Indicate Excluded
WritableAuxiliaries Excluded
Broadcast Excluded
None None