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Last Modified: 2015-07-14 Approved: Yes

Name: Time Trigger Setting

Type: org.bluetooth.descriptor.time_trigger_settingDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x290E


The value of the descriptor has two parts. Part one is a condition field and occupies one octet, and part two is the comparison value (trigger point) that the characteristic value is checked against.

Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
uint8 N/A N/A
Available Conditions
Key Value Requirement Description
0 None C1 No time-based triggering used (valid for: Digital, Analog)
1 Time Interval C2 Indicates or notifies unconditionally after a settable time. This condition will cause server to periodically send notification or indication for the corresponding characteristic regardless of the Value Trigger state (valid for: Digital, Analog)
2 Time Interval C2 Not indicated or notified more often than a settable time. After a successful indication or notification, the next indication or notification shall not be sent for the Time Interval time. When the Time Interval expires, the characteristic is indicated or notified If the corresponding Value Trigger has a different state than at the time of the last successful indication or notification (valid for: Digital, Analog)
3 Count C3 Changed more often than. This condition will cause server to count number of times the Value Trigger has changed its state and send the notification or indication for the corresponding characteristic on the “count” occurrence of the state change (valid for: Digital, Analog)
4 - 255 Reserved for future use
Value (None)
No comparison value required
uint8 N/A N/A None
Value (Time Interval)
Exponent: Decimal, 0
uint24 N/A N/A None
Value (Count)
uint16 N/A N/A None