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Name: Characteristic Presentation Format

Type: org.bluetooth.descriptor.gatt.characteristic_presentation_formatDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x2904


The Characteristic Presentation Format descriptor defines the format of the Characteristic Value.

The information contained on this web page is informative.

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One or more Characteristic Presentation Format descriptors may be present. If multiple of these descriptors are present, then a Aggregate Formate descriptor is present. This descriptor is read only and does not require authentication or authorization to read. This descriptor is composed of five parts: format, exponent, unit, name space and description. The Format field determines how a single value contained in the Characteristic Value is formatted. The Exponent field is used with interger data types to determine how the Characteristic Value is furhter formatted. The actual value = Characteristic Value * 10^Exponent.


When encoding an IPv4 address, the uint32 Format type is used.

When encoding an IPv6 address, the uint128 Format type is used.

When encoding a Bluetooth address (BD_ADDR), the uint48 Format type is used.

For a Characteristic Value of 23 and an Exponent of 2, the actual value is 2300

For a Characteristi Value of 3892 and an Exponent of -3, the actual value is 3.892

Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
8bit 0 27
Key Value
0 Reserved For Future Use
1 Boolean
2 unsigned 2-bit integer
3 unsigned 4-bit integer
4 unsigned 8-bit integer
5 unsigned 12-bit integer
6 unsigned 16-bit integer
7 unsigned 24-bit integer
8 unsigned 32-bit integer
9 unsigned 48-bit integer
10 unsigned 64-bit integer
11 unsigned 128-bit integer
12 signed 8-bit integer
13 signed 12-bit integer
14 signed 16-bit integer
15 signed 24-bit integer
16 signed 32-bit integer
17 signed 48-bit integer
18 signed 64-bit integer
19 signed 128-bit integer
20 IEEE-754 32-bit floating point
21 IEEE-754 64-bit floating point
22 IEEE-11073 16-bit SFLOAT
23 IEEE-11073 32-bit FLOAT
24 IEEE-20601 format
25 UTF-8 string
26 UTF-16 string
27 Opaque Structure
28 - 255 Reserved
sint8 N/A N/A None
The Unit is a UUID.
uint16 N/A N/A None
The Name Space field is used to indentify the organization that is responsible for defining the enumerations for the description field.
8bit 0 1
Key Value
1 Bluetooth SIG Assigned Numbers
2 - 255 Reserved for future use
The Description is an enumerated value from the organization identified by the Name Space field.
16bit N/A N/A None