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Name: System ID

Type: org.bluetooth.characteristic.system_idDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x2A23


The SYSTEM ID characteristic consists of a structure with two fields. The first field are the LSOs and the second field contains the MSOs. This is a 64-bit structure which consists of a 40-bit manufacturer-defined identifier concatenated with a 24 bit unique Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI). The OUI is issued by the IEEE Registration Authority ( and is required to be used in accordance with IEEE Standard 802-2001.6 while the least significant 40 bits are manufacturer defined.

If System ID generated based on a Bluetooth Device Address, it is required to be done as follows. System ID and the Bluetooth Device Address have a very similar structure: a Bluetooth Device Address is 48 bits in length and consists of a 24 bit Company Assigned Identifier (manufacturer defined identifier) concatenated with a 24 bit Company Identifier (OUI). In order to encapsulate a Bluetooth Device Address as System ID, the Company Identifier is concatenated with 0xFFFE followed by the Company Assigned Identifier of the Bluetooth Address. For more guidelines related to EUI-64, refer to


If the system ID is based of a Bluetooth Device Address with a Company Identifier (OUI) is 0x123456 and the Company Assigned Identifier is 0x9ABCDE, then the System Identifier is required to be 0x123456FFFE9ABCDE.

Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
Manufacturer Identifier
uint40 0 1099511627775 None
Organizationally Unique Identifier
uint24 0 16777215 None


The fields in the above table are in the order of LSO to MSO. Where LSO = Least Significant Octet and MSO = Most Significant Octet.