Last Modified: 2015-05-19 Approved: Yes

Name: Indoor Positioning Configuration

Type: org.bluetooth.characteristic.indoor_positioning_configurationDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x2AAD


The Indoor Positioning Configuration describes the set of characteristic values included in the Indoor Positioning Service AD type.

Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
Indoor Positioning Configuration
uint8 N/A N/A
Bit Field
Bit Size Name
Key Value
0 1 Presence of coordinates in advertising packets
0 Coordinates are not present
1 Coordinates are present
1 1 Coordinate system used in advertising packets
0 WGS84 coordinate system
1 Local coordinate system
2 1 Presence of Tx Power field in advertising packets
0 Tx Power is not present
1 Tx Power is not present
3 1 Presence of Altitude field in advertising packets
0 Altitude is not present
1 Altitude is present
4 1 Presence of Floor Number in advertising packets
0 Floor Number is not present
1 Floor Number is present
5 1 Location Name available in the GATT database
0 Location Name is not present
1 Location Name is present
6 2 Reserved for future use