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Name: Appearance

Type: / View

Assigned Number: 0x2A01


The external appearance of this device. The values are composed of a category (10-bits) and sub-categories (6-bits).

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Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
16bit N/A N/A
Key Value Description
0 Unknown None
64 Generic Phone Generic category
128 Generic Computer Generic category
192 Generic Watch Generic category
193 Watch: Sports Watch Watch subtype
256 Generic Clock Generic category
320 Generic Display Generic category
384 Generic Remote Control Generic category
448 Generic Eye-glasses Generic category
512 Generic Tag Generic category
576 Generic Keyring Generic category
640 Generic Media Player Generic category
704 Generic Barcode Scanner Generic category
768 Generic Thermometer Generic category
769 Thermometer: Ear Thermometer subtype
832 Generic Heart rate Sensor Generic category
833 Heart Rate Sensor: Heart Rate Belt Heart Rate Sensor subtype
896 Generic Blood Pressure Generic category
897 Blood Pressure: Arm Blood Pressure subtype
898 Blood Pressure: Wrist Blood Pressure subtype
960 Human Interface Device (HID) HID Generic
961 Keyboard HID subtype
962 Mouse HID subtype
963 Joystick HID subtype
964 Gamepad HID subtype
965 Digitizer Tablet HID subtype
966 Card Reader HID subtype
967 Digital Pen HID subtype
968 Barcode Scanner HID subtype
1024 Generic Glucose Meter Generic category
1088 Generic: Running Walking Sensor Generic category
1089 Running Walking Sensor: In-Shoe Running Walking Sensor subtype
1090 Running Walking Sensor: On-Shoe Running Walking Sensor subtype
1091 Running Walking Sensor: On-Hip Running Walking Sensor subtype
1152 Generic: Cycling Generic category
1153 Cycling: Cycling Computer Cycling subtype
1154 Cycling: Speed Sensor Cycling subtype
1155 Cycling: Cadence Sensor Cycling subtype
1156 Cycling: Power Sensor Cycling subtype
1157 Cycling: Speed and Cadence Sensor Cycling subtype
1216 Generic Control Device Generic category
1217 Switch Control Device subtype
1218 Multi-switch Control Device subtype
1219 Button Control Device subtype
1220 Slider Control Device subtype
1221 Rotary Control Device subtype
1222 Touch-panel Control Device subtype
1280 Generic Network Device Generic category
1281 Access Point Generic Network subtype
1344 Generic Sensor Generic category
1345 Motion Sensor Sensor subtype
1346 Air Quality Sensor Sensor subtype
1347 Temperature Sensor Sensor subtype
1348 Humidity Sensor Sensor subtype
1349 Leak Sensor Sensor subtype
1350 Smoke Sensor Sensor subtype
1351 Occupancy Sensor Sensor subtype
1352 Contact Sensor Sensor subtype
1353 Carbon Monoxide Sensor Sensor subtype
1354 Carbon Dioxide Sensor Sensor subtype
1355 Ambient Light Sensor Sensor subtype
1356 Energy Sensor Sensor subtype
1357 Color Light Sensor Sensor subtype
1358 Rain Sensor Sensor subtype
1359 Fire Sensor Sensor subtype
1360 Wind Sensor Sensor subtype
1361 Proximity Sensor Sensor subtype
1362 Multi-Sensor Sensor subtype
1408 Generic Light Fixtures Generic category
1409 Wall Light Light Fixture subtype
1410 Ceiling Light Light Fixture subtype
1411 Floor Light Light Fixture subtype
1412 Cabinet Light Light Fixture subtype
1413 Desk Light Light Fixture subtype
1414 Troffer Light Light Fixture subtype
1415 Pendant Light Light Fixture subtype
1416 In-ground Light Light Fixture subtype
1417 Flood Light Light Fixture subtype
1418 Underwater Light Light Fixture subtype
1419 Bollard with Light Light Fixture subtype
1420 Pathway Light Light Fixture subtype
1421 Garden Light Light Fixture subtype
1422 Pole-top Light Light Fixture subtype
1423 Spotlight Light Fixture subtype
1424 Linear Light Light Fixture subtype
1425 Street Light Light Fixture subtype
1426 Shelves Light Light Fixture subtype
1427 High-bay / Low-bay Light Light Fixture subtype
1428 Emergency Exit Light Light Fixture subtype
1472 Generic Fan Generic category
1473 Ceiling Fan Fan subtype
1474 Axial Fan Fan subtype
1475 Exhaust Fan Fan subtype
1476 Pedestal Fan Fan subtype
1477 Desk Fan Fan subtype
1478 Wall Fan Fan subtype
1536 Generic HVAC Generic category
1537 Thermostat HVAC subtype
1600 Generic Air Conditioning Generic category
1664 Generic Humidifier Generic category
1728 Generic Heating Generic category
1729 Radiator Heater subtype
1730 Boiler Heater subtype
1731 Heat Pump Heater subtype
1732 Infrared Heater Heater subtype
1733 Radiant Panel Heater Heater subtype
1734 Fan Heater Heater subtype
1735 Air Curtain Heater subtype
1792 Generic Access Control Generic category
1793 Access Door Access subtype
1794 Garage Door Access subtype
1795 Emergency Exit Door Access subtype
1796 Access Lock Access subtype
1797 Elevator Access subtype
1798 Window Access subtype
1799 Entrance Gate Access subtype
1856 Generic Motorized Device Generic category
1857 Motorized Gate Motorized subtype
1858 Awning Motorized subtype
1859 Blinds or Shades Motorized subtype
1860 Curtains Motorized subtype
1861 Screen Motorized subtype
1920 Generic Power Device Generic category
1921 Power Outlet Power subtype
1922 Power Strip Power subtype
1923 Plug Power subtype
1924 Power Supply Power subtype
1925 LED Driver Power subtype
1926 Fluorescent Lamp Gear Power subtype
1927 HID Lamp Gear Power subtype
1984 Generic Light Source Generic category
1985 Incandescent Light Bulb Light subtype
1986 LED Bulb Light subtype
1987 HID Lamp Light subtype
1988 Fluorescent Lamp Light subtype
1989 LED Array Light subtype
1990 Multi-Color LED Array Light subtype
3136 Generic: Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeter Generic Gategory
3137 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter subtype
3138 Wrist Worn Pulse Oximeter subtype
3200 Generic: Weight Scale Weight Scale Generic Category
3264 Generic Personal Mobility Device Personal Mobility Device
3265 Powered Wheelchair Personal Mobility Device
3266 Mobility Scooter Personal Mobility Device
3328 Generic Continuous Glucose Monitor Continuous Glucose Monitor
5184 Generic: Outdoor Sports Activity Outdoor Sports Activity Generic Category
5185 Location Display Device Outdoor Sports Activity subtype
5186 Location and Navigation Display Device Outdoor Sports Activity subtype
5187 Location Pod Outdoor Sports Activity subtype
5188 Location and Navigation Pod Outdoor Sports Activity subtype