Name: Alert Notification Control Point

Type: org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_notification_control_pointDownload / View

Assigned Number: 0x2A44


Control point of the Alert Notification server. Client can write the command here to request the several functions toward the server.


The 1st octet value of the characteristic is an unsigned 8 bit integer that has a fixed point exponent of 0. The 1st octet value expresses the command ID that defines the server’s actions.

The 2nd octet value of the characteristic is an “Alert Category ID” format. This octet shows the target category that the command ID applies for.


The data 0x02 0x01 interprets “Disable New Incoming Notification for Email Category”.

Value Fields

Names Field Requirement Format Minimum Value Maximum Value Additional Information
Command ID
uint8 N/A N/A
Key Value
0 Enable New Incoming Alert Notification
1 Enable Unread Category Status Notification
2 Disable New Incoming Alert Notification
3 Disable Unread Category Status Notification
4 Notify New Incoming Alert immediately
5 Notify Unread Category Status immediately
6 - 255 Reserved for future use
Category ID
Target category that the command applies to.
org.bluetooth.characteristic.alert_category_id N/A N/A None


The fields in the above table are in the order of LSO to MSO. Where LSO = Least Significant Octet and MSO = Most Significant Octet.