See our members who offer development resources for creating applications and profiles to collect data from Bluetooth low energy devices on mobile, tablet, and PC platforms.


Alpwise is a worldwide leading provider of Bluetooth Smart protocol stack. The BlueWiseLE® SDK provides all the protocol layers, including the Link Layer, the Host Stack and profiles. BlueWiseLE® provides a full testing framework to help semiconductors and IoT integrators designing, and qualifying their product upon Bluetooth SIG specifications.

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Arendi AG

Arendi AG  is a design house specialized in electronics and APP development for communications products located in Switzerland. We provide Swiss quality development services with a focus on Bluetooth enabled products. We also provide multi-platform Bluetooth libraries, Bluetooth Embedded platforms for different chipsets as well as Bluetooth based MFi product development.

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BDE Technology Co., Ltd.

With nearly five years R&D experience on Bluetooth Smart (low energy) technology, BDE is a leading provider of Bluetooth Smart software licenses, fully certified modules (QDID:B021702) and turn-key solution as well as APPs of Smart devices (iPhone, Android Phone and tablets) based on BDE’s Bluetooth® Smart protocol stack BDSLETM (QDID:B020484).

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Bluegiga Technologies

Bluegiga is committed to provide innovative and easy-to-use, short-range wireless connectivity solutions to OEMs, device manufacturers and system integrators. Currently, our technology portfolio includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Our products include a wide range of wireless modules, varying from ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart modules to best in class long range Bluetooth Classic and Wi-Fi products..

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Clarinox Technologies

ClarinoxBlue Bluetooth stack is available for a variety of target platforms. ClarinoxBlue is qualified at 2.0, 2.1 3.0 and 4.0 and is supplied with a built in software protocol analysis tool that provides superior visibility of the communications and results in speedy development and assists with ongoing interoperability management.

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Jess Technology

Jess Technology Co. Ltd. is an experienced company to design, develop, market semiconductor/IC total solution in different fields of multimedia, automobile, wireless, game & toys. We also provide Apple MFi Adjunct Technology solution and App-Enabled Accessory solution with Bluetooth technology and App development.

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Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Motorola Solutions has been a leader in wireless technology for over 85 years. Through its Software Solutions Team, we offer proven Bluetooth software for all manner of devices including mobile devices, notebook computers, wearables, automobiles and a host of embedded devices targeting the large Internet of Things market. Our experienced software team delivers pre-certified software solutions that embody our values of innovation and quality.

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Myland Limited

Myland was granted with MFi Adjunct technology licensee from Apple since 2011; thus, able to provide professional services to customers. With years of BT related product design, MCU programming & hardware design experiences, Myland provides good technical support to customers in all regards of development, PCB layout & mass production..

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NewTec GmbH

NewTec GmbH is a leading design house providing customized system and product solutions in medical technology, industrial systems, automotive & transportation with a focus on functional safety and embedded security. NewTec offers a wide range of services, products, trainings and workshops in different kinds of wireless technologies.

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Shenzhen SuLong Communication Ltd.

SuLong is the provider of the Bluetooth BLE4.0 communication solutions and modules (BQB qualified modules),it is a company specializing in Medical and health equipment development,for example,blood pressure,blood glucose meter,ear thermometer,electronic cigarettes,etc. We provides the software and hardware technology of the Bluetooth with low energy and the fast and efficient service for customers with the product implementation.

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Shenzhen Walmate Electronics Co., Ltd

Walmate is the provider of Bluetooth communication solutions and modules. We are focusing on the platform development based on CSR, Broadcom, OV and SJS Bluetooth chipset. With talented and experienced engineering team, we are capable both of hardware and software. From the initial schematic design, PCBA, programming, function tests and final produc​t output, Walmate Wireless is gathering reputation in his fast response, cost effective solutions and flexibility in customization.

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WorXpace Pty Ltd

The WorXpace Technology Development Team undertakes bespoke hardware and software development for consumer and industrial products focusing on wireless embedded systems and their connection to the physical world through rich user interfaces. WorXpace has a current emphasis on Bluetooth with low energy technology using the TI C2540 chipset and iOS and Android applications.

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