Bluetooth SIG Adds Alain Michaud from Google's Platforms & Ecosystems Team to Board of Directors

Kirkland, Washington – January 18, 2023 – The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), the trade association that oversees Bluetooth® technology, today announced the appointment of Alain Michaud to the board of directors of the Bluetooth SIG. Alain, the Connectivity Area Tech Lead and Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, will begin a two-year term as an Associate Member Director. The Bluetooth SIG Board of Directors is responsible for the governance of the organization and plays a vital role in driving the expansion of Bluetooth technology to address the needs of a growing number of consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. 

Alain oversees wireless technology development for several products at Google. He brings years of experience architecting software stacks that support various wireless technologies on multiple major operating systems, including open-source software systems. Alain is a long-time member of the Bluetooth community and contributor to the Bluetooth specification development process, namely as a Bluetooth Architecture Review Board Councilor, a role he has held for over 10 years representing two member companies.

“We are honored to have Alain join the Bluetooth SIG board,” said Mark Powell, CEO of the Bluetooth SIG. “The rapid growth and adoption of Bluetooth technology is a direct result of the commitment and guidance of our board and the dedication of our 38,000 member companies it represents. Alain’s expertise, experience, and versatility will help our board of directors ensure that Bluetooth® technology continues to expand into exciting, new use cases and markets.”

For more information, visit the Board of Directors page on the Bluetooth site.

About Bluetooth® Technology

With over 5 billion products shipping each year, Bluetooth technology is the global standard for simple, secure wireless device communications and positioning. Since its formation in 1998, the Bluetooth SIG community has continued to expand the capabilities of Bluetooth technology — powering innovation, creating new markets, and redefining communication worldwide. Today, Bluetooth is the wireless technology of choice for developers in many solution areas, including audio streaming, data transfer, location services, and large-scale device networks.

About the Bluetooth SIG

Formed in 1998, the Bluetooth SIG is the not-for-profit trade association that oversees Bluetooth® technology. In support of more than 38,000 member companies, the Bluetooth SIG facilitates the collaboration of its members to create new and enhanced specifications that expand the technology, drives global interoperability via a world-class product qualification program, and grows the brand by increasing the awareness, understanding, and adoption of Bluetooth technology.

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