Working Group Awards

Our working group members make Bluetooth technology the best it can be.

Working groups are the driving force behind Bluetooth® wireless technology, delivering innovations that make the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. Bluetooth SIG recognizes working group, committee members, and contributors who are making a difference with annual Working Group Awards. Thank you to the winners for their dedication this last year. 

The 2017 winners are:

Working Group/Committee Chair of the Year

Szymon Slupik, Silvair, Mesh Working Group

“The whole idea of Bluetooth mesh is great, and Mr. Slupik is the most knowledge person who led the Mesh Working Group to deliver the mesh profile this year.”

“Throughout the 30-month marathon of specification development, with extreme commitment and focus, Szymon managed to pull all possible resources of the Mesh Working Group to deliver the mesh networking revolution to Bluetooth.”

“Szymon has worked tirelessly to drive the Mesh Working Group to complete all requirements for releasing the specification.”

“Szymon has been chairing the Mesh Working Group, showing very good leadership, continuously promoting new ideas, and finding room for enhancements of the specification. The transition from Robert (Hughes) to Szymon as the chairman of the group took place smoothly, since Szymon has always showed from the very beginning strong capability to make the group's members work together in a spirit of true collaboration.”

Working Group of the Year

Mesh Working Group- Almost 60% of all votes went to this group

“Great job by this team in bringing an important standard to market!”

“The Mesh Working Group has worked as a great team, creating and resolving a mountain of errata to achieve adoption of high-quality mesh and mesh model specifications.”

“Without a doubt, Bluetooth mesh will prove to be the greatest success in Bluetooth history in terms of revolutionizing wireless connectivity in the IoT space.”

“The idea of device cooperation these days is the best idea I know. We live in connected world and because of mesh, we are more connected to the IoT through the Bluetooth protocols.”

“It will change the world and finally make the vision of the SMART home come true.”

Outstanding Technical Contributor of the Year

Szymon Slupik, Silvair, Inc.

“He is a co-author of many key proposals for the mesh specification. Dedicated and consistent.”

“Szymon has been the leading contributor and author of the mesh model specification, delivering extremely deep and well thought architecture that has been fundamental to the success of mesh. He has been a co-author of the ground-breaking concept of Mesh Device Properties. On other fronts Szymon has contributed to upcoming significant performance improvements of Bluetooth mesh networking via enhancement proposals to the Bluetooth Core Specification. Szymon has also authored the Beacons for Channel indication and beacon management FRDs. Finally, Szymon led the effort to create the Mesh Professional Lighting Subgroup and has been the co-author and contributor to the IEC 62386 (DALI) Model FRD.”

“For relentlessly removing all obstacles to pave the way for timely adoption of the Mesh 1.0 Specification.”

“In my opinion, Szymon is the most efficient and hard-working man in Working Group, and the mesh specification was created very fast.”

Outstanding New Contributor in Bluetooth SIG Groups

Gerard Harbers, Xicato Inc., Mesh Working Group

“Gerard has been the key contributor to Mesh Device Properties. Through his lighting industry expertise and engineering knowledge, he provided extremely broad and valuable input to one of the key Bluetooth specifications, bringing mesh to an extremely mature level at launch.”

Michael Ungstrup, Widex A/S, Hearing Aid Working Group

“For his contributions to the Core Specification Working Group, Generic Audio Working Group, and Hearing Aid Working Group. His contributions are always of high quality, well thought through, and constructive.”

Key contributors

Adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification 5 and Core Specification Supplement 7

  • Brian Redding, Qualcomm
  • Clive Feather, Samsung Cambridge Solution Center
  • Joel Linsky, Qualcomm
  • Tomas Motos, Texas Instruments Incorporated

Adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Addendum 6

  • Clive Feather, Samsung Cambridge Solution Center
  • Joel LInsky, Qualcomm 

Adoption of Errata Service Release 10

  • Clive Feather, Samsung Cambridge Solution Center 

Adoption of Fitness Machine Profile and Service

  • Leif-Alexandre Aschehoug, Nordic Semiconductor ASA
  • Guillaume Schatz

Adoption of GATT Specification Supplement

  • Leif-Alexandre Aschehoug, Nordic Semiconductor ASA

Adoption of Mesh Model Specification 1.0

  • Piotr Winiarczyk , Silvair, Inc.
  • Szymon Slupik, Silvair, Inc.

Adoption of Mesh Profile Specification 1.0

  • Piotr Winiarczyk , Silvair, Inc.
  • Robert D. Hughes, Intel Corp.
  • Robin Heydon, Qualcomm

Adoption of Mesh Device Properties 1.0

  • Gerard Harbers, Xicato Inc.
  • Robin Heydon, Qualcomm

Adoption of Message Access Profile 1.4

  • Olivia Bellamou-Huet, Assystem Germany GmbH

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