Working Groups & Committees

The various groups and committees are the backbone of the SIG. Various groups function differently but for the most part they usually have a chair and vice-chair to help manage group operations and represent the group, a charter which sets out the scope and responsibilities and a set of specific contribution requirements.

There are three types of groups at the SIG:

  • Working groups—responsible for developing new and enhanced Bluetooth® specifications and enhance already adopted ones. Open to Associate and Promoter members.
  • Expert groups—act as advisors to working groups while providing expertise and guidance. Open to all members
  • Study groups—develop guidance documentation to enable new usage models which may lead to development of new specifications. Open to all members.

For more comprehensive information, visit the Getting Started with SIG Groups section of the resource publications page.

We Can Help Coordinate

The Bluetooth SIG is happy to assist groups book and coordinate their face to face meetings so you can continue to move the specification forward. To take advantage of this service and to secure your meeting space, contact with your group name, location, dates and number of estimated attendees. 

A complete list of available meeting locations and dates is found below:

  • 27 March-2 April 2017 (Santa Clara, CA—co-located with Bluetooth World)
  • 6-10 June 2017 (Hong Kong—co-located with UPF 57)
  • 11-19 September 2017 (Kirkland, WA—Working Group Summit)
  • 13-14 October 2017 (Barcelona—co-located with UPF 58)
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Working Groups & Committees

Working Groups

Audio, Telephony, & Automotive (ata)

Automation (automation)

Camera Control (cam)

Core Specification (core)

Direction Finding (df)

Discovery of Things (dot)

Easy Pairing (easypair)

Generic Audio Working Group (GA)

Hearing Aid (ha)

HID (hid)

Internet (int)

Medical Devices (med)

PUID (rd)

Mesh (mesh)

Mesh Professional Lighting Subgroup (meshsub)

Sports and Fitness (sf)

Expert Groups

Medical Devices (medeg)

Security (seg)

Study Groups

Smart Environment (smartenv)

Corporate Groups

Board of Directors (bod)

SIG Committees

Architectural Review Board (barb)

Qualification Review Board (bqrb)

Regulatory (gov)

Technical Advisory Board (tab)

Test and Interoperability (bti)

Task Forces

Automotive Vertical Analysis (ava)

Enhanced Quality and IOP (eqi)

Home Vertical Analysis (hva)

Industrial Vertical Analysis (iva)

Process Improvements (process)

SpecDevTime (specdevtime)

* Working Group membership open only to Associate and Promoter Members