Member Spotlight

Shining a light on member innovation

Over the years we’ve seen some incredible products and ideas come from our membership—everything from life-saving devices to headsets to small, ingestible that monitor our insides. Bluetooth® technology products are limited only by the imagination. This is our opportunity to say thank you for all your loyalty, dedication, time and commitment to making Bluetooth the center of the Internet of Things. You can learn more about becoming a member and all our member benefits on the website.

Our 30,000 Member

blossomThis year we are extremely proud and excited to welcome Blossom Group as our 30,000 member. Blossom Group is in the early stages of its product, TrueQuiet®—a pocket-sized sensor that monitors low-frequency city noise pollution in the home or office. Low-frequency noise can trigger a stress response, even while sleeping. If it is constant, it won’t allow the body to recharge and could lead to stress on the body and heart.

Implementing Bluetooth as our wireless technology and joining the SIG organization was the obvious choice to ensure our products’ success. We know Bluetooth will stay ahead of the game by working with its members and embracing technological advancements - from power efficiency to IoT connectivity - to push the limits of innovation.

We look forward to seeing how Blossom Group will thrive with Bluetooth technology.

Many of our members are doing incredible things and have gotten involved with the Bluetooth SIG for a variety of reasons. These are just some of the stories.

Member Spotlight: Cobi


We first became aware of Cobi and the Cobi system when they won the 2015 Imagine Blue Awards. First as iCradle, and later as COBI, the company strongly committed to Bluetooth technology since their very first proof of concept. The company selected Bluetooth because it allowed them to bring the COBI experience to life—creating a close connection between rider, their bike, and the world around them, all immediately accessible through the rider's smartphone. Thanks to the low-energy requirements of Bluetooth technology, COBI found itself a durable solution to wirelessly connect the smartphone to the bike. Winning the Imagine Blue Awards gave the European startup a tremendous boost as it received international recognition from the Bluetooth SIG and prestigious media outlets.

Over the next few years, COBI will work with the Bluetooth SIG to identify paths where they can contribute to the organization more.

We regularly draw on the resources provided by the SIG to align our ongoing development work with emerging standards and design patterns. This helps a great deal but we would like to contribute more back.

Member Spotlight: Tencent

TencentTencent is China’s largest Internet service provider. The company launched an open platform for smart hardware called QQ Connect in 2014. QQ is China’s largest instant messaging service with over 877 million user accounts worldwide. To leverage this huge user base of Bluetooth connected devices, the company launched a children’s smart positioning shoe in 2016.

Tencent chose to use Bluetooth in the QQ Connect mainly because of its low power and ability to fulfill a variety of complex functionalities such as indoor positioning and motion data transmission. Tencent enjoys meeting with experts from the SIG to discuss innovative Bluetooth applications in the industry and utilizing the SIG networking opportunities to establish partnerships with other Bluetooth entrepreneurs.

We believe wearables is a key vertical market for Bluetooth, especially in the connection between the wearable solution and the smart phone. We hope to play an important role in this field and that's why we Bluetooth and belong to the SIG.

Member Spotlight: Estimote

estimoteEstimote’s vision was to connect people to the physical world through technology. They wanted something tiny, easy to install, battery powered and work with customer’s phones. They evaluated many wireless technologies along the way that just didn’t work because of power consumption. When Apple introduced the iPhone 4s with the low energy version of Bluetooth, they decided to try it. Estimote’s engineers integrated it easily and were impressed about how powerful it was. Estimote built their product before the iBeacon was introduced so they were ready when the wave hit in 2014. Since then, they’ve seen amazing applications built on top of its beacons.

The company uses its SIG membership to stay up-to-date on stacks and standards and collaborate on new initiatives such as mesh. An additional side benefit has been that Estimote’s customers see them as a trustworthy partner with a qualified and tested product.

Bluetooth is winning over the competition for IoT and machine-to-machine communication. With Bluetooth and Estimote, developers will build amazing experiences that connect people to the physical world. We’ve already seen thousands of our customers experimenting with this innovation and we are excited about it.

Member Spotlight: GN Group

gnThe GN Group develops intelligent audio solutions that let you hear more, do more and be more than you ever thought possible. GN headsets and hearing aids use Bluetooth to a high degree in its products deployed across the world. GN’s flagship hearing aid brand ReSound finds that Bluetooth with its low energy functionality is ideal for its low power hearing aids. The company has been active with Bluetooth for more than ten years, and recently got involved with Bluetooth SIG working groups to develop an audio profile that delivers a direct link between hearing aids and multimedia devices. 

In the next five years, GN ReSound sees Bluetooth as the undisputable wireless standard protocol for use in hearing aids.

The dialogue in the working groups is always respectful and takes into account valid comments, facts, and aspirations. Most engineers want to create better standards for the future. Something we can be proud of when it’s widespread in products all over the world.

Member Spotlight: Silvair

silvairSilvair is an end-to-end smart lighting platform enabling manufacturers to provide enhanced lighting experience to their customers. Silvair has been a huge supporter of the Bluetooth SIG for years and actively contributes to several working groups including the Mesh, Internet and Automation working groups. They have also supported the Bluetooth Developer Studio from the very beginning.

Silvair finds that being part of such a robust organization and active in the working groups allows them to have a substantial impact on a global technology used by millions of people around the world. They value the access to the latest technology trends, market insights and Bluetooth roadmap plans because it makes them more competitive and helps define their strategy.

Their participation in the mesh working group is seen as a huge opportunity.

We consider Bluetooth mesh as a real game changer in the IoT space, especially with challenging commercial smart lighting applications. It tackles the issues other communication protocols can’t deal with and answers all the needs and expectations that have grown around this exciting market.