Bluetooth SIG Membership and Working Groups

Get Started as a New Member

If you are new to the Bluetooth SIG, here is everything you need to know to get started with your membership.

Membership is easy but understanding what you need to do may be a little complicated. Most companies become members at the SIG in order to use the Bluetooth license and brand on its product(s). This can be done easily by joining the SIG, qualifying your product, listing your productproperly branding your product and going to market. But membership at the SIG can be more than that. There are a lot of benefits and advantages.

Here are the top 11 things you need to know to get the most out of your membership.

  1. Understand your benefits—this page outlines what is available to Adopter and Associate members
  2. Bluetooth SIG membership agreements and policies—what are the policies at the SIG and its bylaws?
  3. Develop your product—here are resources for building your Bluetooth® product
  4. Qualify your product—if you need to know how to qualify your Bluetooth  product, this is the place to start
  5. List your product—this page explains the details of when you need to list your product and how to list your product
  6. Test your product—do you want to test your product against other Bluetooth products coming to market? See our upcoming testing events
  7. Brand your product—find the logos and the guidelines for using the Bluetooth brand
  8. How the SIG promotes the brand—get updates on events you can take advantage of, the hottest Bluetooth markets and more
  9. Upgrade your membership—do you want even more benefits and cost savings? Upgrade to Associate membership
  10. How to volunteer with the SIG—learn more about our working groups and why it is important to shape the future of Bluetooth
  11. What is the specification development process—get an overview on what a Bluetooth specification goes through before it becomes adopted