Mesh networking with Bluetooth technology

device property is a collection of one or more format descriptors that interpret data contained by a server state. The property is identified by an assigned Property ID, which references Generic Attributes (GATT) characteristics, and has a state called the Property Value.

The device properties below are required by the Mesh Model specification, the Mesh Provisioning Service, and/or the Mesh Proxy Service.

The normative definitions of Mesh device properties are contained in the latest Mesh Device Properties specification.

See Mesh Characteristics XML for definitions of the characteristics used with the device properties.

To ensure interoperability of devices, members are encouraged to implement adopted errata.

Name Type ID Characteristic
Average Ambient Temperature In A Period Of Day 0x0001 Temperature 8 In A Period Of Day
Average Input Current 0x0002 Average Current
Average Input Voltage 0x0003 Average Voltage
Average Output Current 0x0004 Average Current
Average Output Voltage 0x0005 Average Voltage
Center Beam Intensity At Full Power 0x0006 Luminous Intensity
Chromaticity Tolerance 0x0007 Chromaticity Tolerance
Color Rendering Index R9 0x0008 Cie 13.3-1995 Color Rendering Index
Color Rendering Index Ra 0x0009 Cie 13.3-1995 Color Rendering Index
Device Appearance 0x000A Gap.Appearance
Device Country Of Origin 0x000B Country Code
Device Date Of Manufacture 0x000C Date Utc
Device Energy Use Since Turn On 0x000D Energy
Device Firmware Revision 0x000E Fixed String 8
Device Global Trade Item Number 0x000F Global Trade Item Number
Device Hardware Revision 0x0010 Fixed String 16
Device Manufacturer Name 0x0011 Fixed String 36
Device Model Number 0x0012 Fixed String 24
Device Operating Temperature Range Specification 0x0013 Temperature Range
Device Operating Temperature Statistical Values 0x0014 Temperature Statistics
Device Over Temperature Event Statistics 0x0015 Event Statistics
Device Power Range Specification 0x0016 Power Specification
Device Runtime Since Turn On 0x0017 Time Hour 24
Device Runtime Warranty 0x0018 Time Hour 24
Device Serial Number 0x0019 Fixed String 16
Device Software Revision 0x001A Fixed String 8
Device Under Temperature Event Statistics 0x001B Event Statistics
Indoor Ambient Temperature Statistical Values 0x001C Temperature 8 Statistics
Initial CIE 1931 Chromaticity Coordinates 0x001D Chromaticity Coordinates
Initial Correlated Color Temperature 0x001E Correlated Color Temperature
Initial Luminous Flux 0x001F Luminous Flux
Initial Planckian Distance 0x0020 Chromatic Distance From Planckian
Input Current Range Specification 0x0021 Electric Current Specification
Input Current Statistics 0x0022 Electric Current Statistics
Input Over Current Event Statistics 0x0023 Event Statistics
Input Over Ripple Voltage Event Statistics 0x0024 Event Statistics
Input Over Voltage Event Statistics 0x0025 Event Statistics
Input Under Current Event Statistics 0x0026 Event Statistics
Input Under Voltage Event Statistics 0x0027 Event Statistics
Input Voltage Range Specification 0x0028 Voltage Specification
Input Voltage Ripple Specification 0x0029 Percentage 8
Input Voltage Statistics 0x002A Voltage Statistics
Light Control Ambient LuxLevel On 0x002B Illuminance
Light Control Ambient LuxLevel Prolong 0x002C Illuminance
Light Control Ambient LuxLevel Standby 0x002D Illuminance
Light Control Lightness On 0x002E Perceived Lightness
Light Control Lightness Prolong 0x002F Perceived Lightness
Light Control Lightness Standby 0x0030 Perceived Lightness
Light Control Regulator Accuracy 0x0031 Percentage 8
Light Control Regulator Kid 0x0032 Coefficient
Light Control Regulator Kiu 0x0033 Coefficient
Light Control Regulator Kpd 0x0034 Coefficient
Light Control Regulator Kpu 0x0035 Coefficient
Light Control Time Fade 0x0036 Time Millisecond 24
Light Control Time Fade On 0x0037 Time Millisecond 24
Light Control Time Fade Standby Auto 0x0038 Time Millisecond 24
Light Control Time Fade Standby Manual 0x0039 Time Millisecond 24
Light Control Time Occupancy Delay 0x003A Time Millisecond 24
Light Control Time Prolong 0x003B Time Millisecond 24
Light Control Time Run On 0x003C Time Millisecond 24
Lumen Maintenance Factor 0x003D Percentage 8
Luminous Efficacy 0x003E Luminous Efficacy
Luminous Energy Since Turn On 0x003F Luminous Energy
Luminous Exposure 0x0040 Luminous Exposure
Luminous Flux Range 0x0041 Luminous Flux Range
Motion Sensed 0x0042 Percentage 8
Motion Threshold 0x0043 Percentage 8
Open Circuit Event Statistics 0x0044 Event Statistics
Outdoor Statistical Values 0x0045 Temperature 8 Statistics
Output Current Range 0x0046 Electric Current Range
Output Current Statistics 0x0047 Electric Current Statistics
Output Ripple Voltage Specification 0x0048 Percentage 8
Output Voltage Range 0x0049 Voltage Specification
Output Voltage Statistics 0x004A Voltage Statistics
Over Output Ripple Voltage Event Statistics 0x004B Event Statistics
People Count 0x004C Count 16
Presence Detected 0x004D Boolean
Present Ambient Light Level 0x004E Illuminance
Present Ambient Temperature 0x004F Temperature 8
Present CIE 1931 Chromaticity Coordinates 0x0050 Chromaticity Coordinates
Present Correlated Color Temperature 0x0051 Correlated Color Temperature
Present Device Input Power 0x0052 Power
Present Device Operating Efficiency 0x0053 Percentage 8
Present Device Operating Temperature 0x0054 Temperature
Present Illuminance 0x0055 Illuminance
Present Indoor Ambient Temperature 0x0056 Temperature 8
Present Input Current 0x0057 Electric Current
Present Input Ripple Voltage 0x0058 Percentage 8
Present Input Voltage 0x0059 Voltage
Present Luminous Flux 0x005A Luminous Flux
Present Outdoor Ambient Temperature 0x005B Temperature 8
Present Output Current 0x005C Electric Current
Present Output Voltage 0x005D Voltage
Present Planckian Distance 0x005E Chromatic Distance From Planckian
Present Relative Output Ripple Voltage 0x005F Percentage 8
Relative Device Energy Use In A Period Of Day 0x0060 Energy In A Period Of Day
Relative Device Runtime In A Generic Level Range 0x0061 Relative Runtime In A Generic Level Range
Relative Exposure Time In An Illuminance Range 0x0062 Relative Value In An Illuminance Range
Relative Runtime In A Correlated Color Temperature Range 0x0063 Luminous Energy
Relative Runtime In A Device Operating Temperature Range 0x0064 Relative Value In A Temperature Range
Relative Runtime In An Input Current Range 0x0065 Relative Runtime In A Current Range
Relative Runtime In An Input Voltage Range 0x0066 Relative Value In A Voltage Range
Short Circuit Event Statistics 0x0067 Event Statistics
Time Since Motion Sensed 0x0068 Time Second 16
Time Since Presence Detected 0x0069 Time Second 16
Total Device Energy Use 0x006A Energy
Total Device Off On Cycles 0x006B Count 24
Total Device Power On Cycles 0x006C Count 24
Total Device Power On Time 0x006D Time Hour 24
Total Device Runtime 0x006E Time Hour 24
Total Light Exposure Time 0x006F Time Hour 24
Total Luminous Energy 0x0070 Luminous Energy
Desired Ambient Temperature Mesh Device Property 0x0071 Temperature 8

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