Bluetooth SIG Member Promotion Program

The Bluetooth SIG Marketing Hub is a part of the Bluetooth SIG Member Promotion Program. The Member Promotion Program is designed to offer member companies a variety of opportunities to participate in Bluetooth SIG marketing efforts. Not only does the Member Promotion Program support the Bluetooth SIG in the general promotion of Bluetooth® technology, but it also serves as a way for our members to amplify their own marketing efforts.

You may view the general program guidelines and elements of the program.

Our Reach

News & Case Studies
Highlight on Bluetooth SIG website

180,000 visitors/mo

Member Guest Blogs
Post guest blogs to Bluetooth blog

34,000 views/mo

Educational Papers
Post member papers on Bluetooth website

3,500 downloads/mo

Member referrals in Bluetooth SIG briefing activity

250 briefings/yr

Participate in Bluetooth SIG speaking engagements

Approximately 100/year

Member participation in Bluetooth SIG promotional events

Approximately 30/year

Send member content to Bluetooth SIG database

55,000 subscribers

Post member activity on Bluetooth SIG social networks

Over 300,000 followers

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