Virtual Smart Buildings Show 2020

The interactive event will contain content from the world’s biggest and best smart buildings companies, who will be talking about their experiences of smart buildings in this ever changing work environment. Each day will cover a particular theme, including: Connected Management: How will buildings be managed post-covid; Connected Controls: This stream will take an in depth look at the latest equipment and software is available on the market; and The New Workplace: How Coronavirus has had a massive effect on the workplace in 2020. 

Participating Sessions:

Creating a Safe Workplace Amidst COVID-19

Presenter: Justin Bolger, VP of Sales North America at Pointr 

Date and Time: 15 October, 14:35 BST

Description: After the initial shock of lockdown, buildings have to reopen safely. COVID-19 presents several challenges: How do I prevent the spread of the virus in the facilities? How do I ensure business continuity even if new cases occur among staff? How do I reassure employees that it’s safe to go to work?  

Bluetooth® connectivity and IoT technology have a critical role to play to enable a safe return to buildings for all. In this session, we explain how to leverage Bluetooth® technology to enable contact tracing, safe distancing, cleaning compliance and occupancy management inside buildings. 

Energy Efficiency Through Standards-Based Lighting Control Systems

Presenter: Simon Slupik, President/CTO – Silvair 

Date and Time: 14 October, 14:00 BST

Description: Lighting control systems contribute significantly to overall energy efficiency of buildings. While there are multiple options available, certain technologies start prevailing due to their simplicity combined with reliability, open, cross-vendor interoperable nature and plug-and-play upgradeability. This session will discuss the unified architecture of Bluetooth mesh – based inter-luminaire networks extended with DALI/D4i intra-luminaire networks and the benefits of ease of commissioning, energy savings and data reporting. 

Panel: The Future of Data and the Role of Intelligent Luminaires in Optimizing Building Management Solutions

Moderator: Chuck Sabin, Bluetooth SIG  
– Simon Slupik, President/CTO, Silvair  
– Paul Drosihn, General Manager, DiiA
– Dee Denteneer, Secretary General, Zhaga Consortium

Date and Time: 14 October, 15:10 BST

Description: Now, more than ever, Building Management Systems rely on real-time data to optimize networks, enhance asset management, and increase performance of complex lighting systems and improve the occupant experience.  Standardized, intelligent luminaires for both outdoor and indoor lighting solutions are an ideal platform for the IoT – gathering data and feeding the need for more information and value-added services, in support of complex building management solutions. In this panel, industry professionals from leading suppliers and lighting consortiums from around the world will discuss the future of data and the role of the intelligent luminaire in designing and deploying advanced solutions to meet the needs of retrofit, as well as modern smart buildings.     

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