Realcomm Webinar: Health, Wellness and Productivity Series - Part 1

Healthy Buildings Short and Long-Term Strategies  

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Presenter: Thomas Hasselman, Chief Marketing Officer, Quuppa

Date and Time: 28 January, 9:00-10:30am PST

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About the Conference: To operate a healthy and safe building during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, building owners and tenants need to evaluate behavioral, spatial, material, and operational strategies to protect the health, welfare and privacy of building occupants. Technology, automation, and innovation play a pivotal role in workplace reentry programs and a myriad of solutions focused on making buildings “COVID-safe” have quickly entered the market. This series introduces both near as well as long-term sustainable strategies and technologies that facilitate re-occupancy of healthy and safe workplaces.  

Whether newly introduced “COVID-19 safety” technologies (e.g. scanners, UV-C sanitization, touchless controls and others) effectively help to stop virus spread or are merely a costly for show investment is disputed. This session showcases successful COVID-19 building technology programs based on relevant long-term strategies. 

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