Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Webinar 2020

Bluetooth Enhances Location Service with Direction Finding 

Presenter: Kai Ren, Senior Developer Relations Manager, Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time: 3 June 2020, 20:00 – 21:00 CST (GMT +8)  


Bluetooth technology has proved the value of wireless communication. From wireless audio transmission, wearable devices, location services to Bluetooth mesh, it continues to meet the needs of consumers and industries. Because of the dedication and continuous efforts of the Bluetooth community, Bluetooth technology can show its talents in various vertical markets. With the introduction of Bluetooth Direction Finding, the application prospects of Bluetooth technology in indoor positioning and asset tracking are further expanded. 

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About the conference: 

This webinar series is hosted by Qianxun Spatial Intelligence Inc. (Qianxun SI), a company focusing on high-precision positioning services.  Offering positioning services up to centimeter level accuracy (real-time) and millimeter level accuracy (post-processing), is one of the most important infrastructure in the IoT Era.