M-Enabling Summit 2021

Bluetooth Audio Sharing: Driving Inclusion & Audio Accessibility for All

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  • Chuck Sabin, Senior Director, Market Development, Bluetooth SIG
  • Linda Kozma-Spytek, Senior Research Audiologist, Gallaudet University

Date and Time: 5 October, 2:50pm EST / 19:50 BST


The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and hearing industry companies are collaborating to ensure Bluetooth® technology better meets the needs of people with hearing loss and makes good on the promise of audio accessibility for everyone.

In this session, Chuck Sabin, Senior Director of Market Development at the Bluetooth SIG, along with Linda Kozma-Spytek, Senior Research Audiologist in the Technology Access Program, and co-director of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Technology Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center at Gallaudet University, will discuss the current assistive listening system technologies and infrastructure, the challenges inhibiting their wide-scale deployment, and how the upcoming release of Bluetooth® Audio Sharing will help drive broad adoption of assistive listening technology at all types of venues and expand the concept of assistive listening beyond hearing aids and cochlear implants to include consumer audio products such as headphones and earbuds. Find out how Bluetooth Audio Sharing will enable the next generation of assistive listening systems and the development of broadcasting devices that will propel new opportunities for hearing accessibility and enhanced audio experiences for all.

About the Conference:

The M-Enabling Summit is a joint initiative of the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies (G3ict) and E.J. Krause & Associates (EJK) to promote accessible technologies and environments for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. The M-Enabling Summit has established itself as the leading global conference and showcase covering the fast-moving technology innovations that enable seniors and persons with disabilities to access digital content and services in new ways.

The demographic reality of more than one billion persons around the world living with a disability presents unprecedented accessibility challenges but also many opportunities for governments and the private sector alike.

The M-Enabling Summit offers a unique gathering of leading executives and accessibility professionals from Government, Industry, and Advocacy Organizations from around the world to network and participate in plenary and specialized breakout sessions, as well as other special featured events.

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