Fierce Digital Webinar 2021

Three Perspectives on Bluetooth® Mesh in Commercial Buildings 

Szymon Slupik, President & CTO, Silvair 
Vachik Javadian, VP of applications engineering, ERP Power 
Paul Chamberlain, President & CEO, Linmore LED 
Ben Wright, Senior Sales Engineer, EMC 

Date and Time: 14 January, 2:00pm EST

Description: This session will present three perspectives on the role of Bluetooth® mesh technology in the ecosystem of commercial buildings. We will start with a product vendor – ERP Power – the innovative manufacturer of Bluetooth mesh – qualified drivers with sensors, energy metering, remote diagnostics and embedded intelligence. Linmore LED will share their perspective as a system vendor highlighting the benefits of Bluetooth mesh as the underlying technology for Ultralink – the open, interoperable, DLC-qualified lighting control system focused on energy efficiency. And last but not least EMC will share the system integrator’s perspective illustrated by case studies of large commercial projects based on Bluetooth mesh. The session will conclude with a discussion panel with the presenters addressing questions from the audience. 

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