Embedded Innovation Week 2020

IoT Devices: Building Better Connections 

When it comes to the Internet of Things, there is a staggering number of wireless communications options, each with a specific set of benefits and trade-offs. We’ll explore some of the latest developments and the implications for embedded developers building connected systems. 

  • Obtain insights into the good, the bad and the ugly of building embedded systems with wireless connectivity 
  • Get an update on the latest specifications, protocols, and developments impacting embedded developers  
  • Learn about the key hardware and software considerations for designing connectivity into your embedded device

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Participating Sessions:

Low Latency, Deterministic Bluetooth Communication for Industrial Control – is it Possible?

Low Latency, Deterministic Bluetooth Communication for Industrial Control – is it Possible?  

Presenter: Pelle Svensson, Market Development Manager – Industrial Market Product Center Short Range Radio, u-blox 

Date and Time: 29 September 2020, 11:45am EST

Description: Ever since its inception, interest in using Bluetooth technology in industrial manufacturing applications has been increasing, thanks, in large part, to findings by ABB Corporate Research back in 1998. Bluetooth based time-critical control applications with moderate latency requirements have been developed and in use by several companies for over a decade.  

This presentation will give an overview of low latency deterministic control using Bluetooth technology, present the basic elements required to increase the acceptance of Bluetooth by the manufacturing industry, provide insights to what research has found, highlight existing applications that industrial control companies have developed, and look at what future enhancements of Bluetooth might bring. 

In addition, the presentation will provide a quick introduction into specific developments, originating from Bluetooth technology, in short range, low latency, deterministic control. 

A New Generation of Embedded Audio

A New Generation of Embedded Audio 

Presenter: Nick Hunn, founder and CTO of WiFore Consulting 

Date and Time: 29 September, 11:30am EST

Description: The last few years has seen enormous growth in wireless audio and voice, with the availability of true wireless earbuds and voice assistants.  The latest Bluetooth standards provide the tools to extend the range of embedded applications for audio by using Bluetooth LE as a more power efficient transport.  Along with the new, high efficiency LC3 codec, they allow far more flexibility in connection, removing the current differentiation between voice and music, as well as introducing new topologies, such as broadcast.  This session explores these capabilities and examines how embedded designers can take advantage of the new capabilities. 

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