Embedded Conference Scandinavia

Location Services and Direction Finding with Bluetooth 


Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Manager, EMEA 

Date and Time:

5 November, 11:30


Room M6


Bluetooth acquired a new capability in 2019. It’s now possible with suitable hardware, to calculate the direction a Bluetooth signal is being transmitted from, using one of two methods known as Angle of Arrival (AoA) or Angle of Departure (AoD). From this, it’s possible to accurately determine the location of the receiving device to within a matter of centimetres rather than metres. Proximity applications like Point of Interest (PoI) information systems and the classic “key finder” are all set to get very accurate and much easier to use. Positioning systems such as Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and Way Finding will offer a level of precision, never before possible with Bluetooth. 

Hear about this new Bluetooth feature, how it works and the uses it’s likely to be put to, in this session. 

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