DevTalks Reimagined 2021

Bluetooth® Technology and the Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic 

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Presenter: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Senior Manager – EMEA 

Date and Time: 10 June, 11:40 EET / 8:40 GMT 

Description: Early in 2020 the world found itself in the midst of an unprecedented public health crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact countless lives and cause health, social, and economic consequences across the globe. 

Though technology is no substitute for vaccines, testing, or social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment, governments, health officials, and scientists have turned to technology to find additional solutions and strategies to help contain the spread of the disease and reduce its impact. 

For example, millions of people have installed smartphone applications which are designed to help identify actions which can be taken to help slow the spread of the virus. Users may be notified if it seems possible that they have been exposed to the virus through their contact with other people known to be infected.  

As reported throughout the past year, Bluetooth® technology has been used in many of these applications. How was Bluetooth used and to what end? What worked well and what did not? What was the role of the Bluetooth SIG? What might the future hold as we look to learn lessons and be better prepared for the next public health crisis of this magnitude? 

Martin Woolley from the Bluetooth SIG will examine these questions and illustrate both the capabilities and limitations of Bluetooth technology as an ingredient in the world’s response to Covid-19. 

Understanding Bluetooth® Internet Gateways for IoT Solutions 

Presenter: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Senior Manager – EMEA 

Date: 11 June, 10:15 EET / 7:15 GMT

Description: Bluetooth® technology is used by around 40% of all Internet of Things (IoT) devices. But Bluetooth is not compatible with TCP/IP as used by the internet. So how is it possible to use Bluetooth devices in true IoT solutions? 

In this talk, you’ll learn about Bluetooth Internet Gateways (BIGs) which bridge the two worlds of Bluetooth technology and the internet and come to understand their requirements, architecture and implementation. BIG security and scalability issues and solutions will be explored too.  

Developers and architects, this is where IoT theory and practice meet. 

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