Communication Components “Bluetooth Trends“ Webinar

Latest Bluetooth Technology Update 

Presenter: Kai Ren, Senior Developer Relations Manager, Bluetooth SIG

Date and Time:  9 June 2020, 15:00 – 15:50 CST (GMT +8)


In January 2020, Bluetooth SIG released the Bluetooth core specification 5.2 which includes three important technical updates. These new technology updates not only improve and optimize the performance of Bluetooth technology, such as the low energy technology, but also provide the underlying technical support for the application of various scenarios of Bluetooth low energy audio – LE Audio.  

Bluetooth SIG has also introduced a new Direction Finding feature in 2019. The new feature boosts the positioning accuracy from the meter level to the centimeter level. In this seminar, we will focus on the newly released Bluetooth core specification 5.2 and the technical details of the Bluetooth Direction Finding feature. 

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About the Conference: 

The “Bluetooth Technology Trends Reveal” webinar is hosted by the Communication Components Magazine, a premium electronic industry magazine in Taiwan. This event invites the industry experts from the Bluetooth SIG, Silicon Labs, and STMicroelectronics to deliver the latest specifications, technological evolution and key challenges of application designs.