Codemotion Online Tech Conference 2021: English Edition

Understanding Bluetooth® Internet Gateways for IoT Solutions 

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Presenter: Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Senior Manager – EMEA 

Date and Time: 19 May, 14:25 CEST / 8:25am ET

DescriptionBluetooth® technology is used by around 40% of all Internet of Things (IoT) devices. But Bluetooth is not compatible with TCP/IP as used by the internet. So how is it possible to use Bluetooth devices in true IoT solutions? 

In this talk, you’ll learn about Bluetooth Internet Gateways (BIGs) which bridge the two worlds of Bluetooth technology and the internet and come to understand their requirements, architecture and implementation. BIG security and scalability issues and solutions will be explored too.

Developers and architects, this is where IoT theory and practice meet. 

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