China IoT Developer Conference 2019

Bluetooth Direction Finding Feature and the Latest Specification Enhancements

Kai Ren, Senior Manager, Developer Relations, APAC, Bluetooth SIG

Date and time:
6 December, 14:30 – 15:00

According to Bluetooth Market Update 2019, Bluetooth device shipments for location service will be 430 million by 2023. Direction Finding, as one of major features in latest Bluetooth core specification, enhances Bluetooth location services for difference vertical markets. In this speech, Kai will explain the new methods of direction finding, AOA and AOD, and introduce use cases which can take the benefit from Bluetooth direction finding and improve the user experience.

About the conference:
China IOT developers conference 2019″ is an influential conference for the Internet of things in China. This year, the event, together with industry experts, engineers, senior executives, and developers, comes back providing the latest updates for the important areas in IOT such as Industry IOT, Smart Home, Sensor and Edging Computing.