Bluetooth Tokyo Seminar 2018

Bluetooth SIG held a one-day seminar in Tokyo Shinagawa. The event focused on how Bluetooth technology is enabling new emerging markets such as smart industry and smart building and covered Bluetooth mesh, Bluetooth 5, the latest Bluetooth products and solutions and Bluetooth qualification.  

In the morning’s keynote session, the possibilities of a new IoT, including new emerging markets for Bluetooth technology such as Smart Building, Smart Industry were explained. In the afternoon developers seminar, these sessions will introduce the skills and knowledge essential to the development of Bluetooth products, and the process of putting products on the market such as testing and qualification process.  

Over 185 people attended the seminar and heard presentations from Bluetooth SIG member companies including, Toshiba, WHERE, Silicon Labs, Allion, and Nordic Semiconductor.  In addition, Kai Ren, Bluetooth SIG Developer Relations Manager, APAC, Lori Lee, Bluetooth SIG Senior Marketing Manager, APAC, and Tadashi Momma, Bluetooth SIG Membership Development and Relations Manager, APAC also spoke at the event.