Bluetooth® Talks: Bluetooth Technology for Audio

When Technology Meets Market Demand

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Presenter: Chuck Sabin, Senior Director, Market Development, Bluetooth SIG 

Date and Time: 11 March, 16:00 CET 


In this webinar UL and Bluetooth Special Interest Group will explore:
• Market trends for audio applications using Bluetooth technology
• LE audio features: LC3, TWS, hearing aids, Bluetooth Audio Sharing and the value of broadcast audio and Audio Sharing
• Interoperability challenges and opportunities for LE audio devices

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About the Webinar Series:

Bluetooth ® technology is a popular wireless technology and continues to expand its use cases. After first addressing audio streaming, the technology has broadened into low-power data transfer, location services and large-scale device network solutions for multiple use cases.

Join UL and Bluetooth Special Interest Group experts to gain insight into how Bluetooth technology is evolving to support the increasing demand for connectivity and how companies are facing the challenges posed by regulatory requirements.

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