Bluetooth Beijing Seminar 2022

Unleashing the New Era of Wireless Innovation


  • Ken Kolderup, Chief Marketing Officer, Bluetooth SIG
  • Michael He, Member Development and Relations Manager, China / APAC of Bluetooth SIG


For more than two decades, Bluetooth has been advancing wireless communications technology to meet the growing demand for wireless innovation with the dedicated support of our member community. As we enter 2022, the Bluetooth SIG not only introduces the new brand Auracast™ broadcast audio, but also completes the LE Audio specification project.

Taking this opportunity, the Bluetooth SIG will hold an online seminar tour in the Asia Pacific region starting from November 24 in Beijing. With the theme of ” Unleashing the New Era of Wireless Innovation”, we will discuss the limitless future of Bluetooth technology development with distinguished guests from our member community.

The 2022 Bluetooth Online Seminar in Beijing consists of 4 sessions, focusing on the well-known four solution areas of Bluetooth technology: Audio Streaming, Data Transfer, Location Services, and Device Networks. Each session is approximately 20 minutes in length (with Q&A session included). Mr. Ken Kolderup, the Chief Marketing Officer of Bluetooth SIG will begin the conference with a 20-minute information session on the latest Bluetooth technology developments and emerging markets, and Mr. Michael He from the Bluetooth SIG Shanghai team will end the sharing with the most updated news of qualification.

Guest speakers from the following members will also join the seminar:

  • Nordic Semiconductor
  • BlueIoT
  • Tuya
  • Delta Electronics
  • Barrot
  • Xiaomi

Chinese, English with Chinese subtitles (depends on the session)

About the Conference:

This conference is the largest annual Bluetooth event in China, which has been successfully held both offline and online, attracting many Bluetooth developers, manufacturers, and other industry experts to participate. In order to comply with the COVID-preventing efforts and break through the geographical limitations, the 2022 event will still be presented online. The theme of this year’s conference is “Unleashing the New Era of Wireless Innovation” .

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