Alibaba T-Head Open Chip Community Webinar 2020

An Outlook of Bluetooth Mesh Market Development and Insights 

Presenter: Kai Ren, Senior Developer Relations Manager, Bluetooth SIG 

Date: 21 May 2020, 19:30-19:55 HKT (GMT+8)


With the advantages of many-to-many (m:m) device communications, simple configuration, low cost, security, and decentralized network protocols, along with the wide application of smart home ecosystems such as Alibaba Tmall Genie, Bluetooth mesh networking has been implemented rapidly since its release in July 2017. According to Bluetooth Market Update 2020, Bluetooth mesh qualified products double every six months. In addition, the shipment of Bluetooth Mesh chips in China exceeded 10 million in 2019.  

This presentation will share the future development trend of Bluetooth mesh, the various solution areas empowered by Bluetooth mesh, along with the advantages of Bluetooth mesh in different commercial scenarios. 

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