AI + IoT Business Conference

Bluetooth Mesh – Pave the Way for Smart Lighting   

Kai Ren, Bluetooth SIG Senior Developer Relations Manager, APAC  

Date and time:  
23 October, 14:50-15:10  

Futian Shangri-La, Futian District, Shenzhen City   

A few years ago, the Bluetooth community turned its attention to addressing the needs of emerging markets such as smart buildings, smart industry, and smart homes. These markets were all looking for a standard wireless solution that would enable large-scale device networks for control, monitoring and automation of services like lighting. They needed a technology that would enable hundreds, or even thousands of devices to reliably and securely communicate with one another. What came of that market need, was the introduction of Bluetooth mesh networking capabilities for device networks. Moreover, Location services are being integrated into lighting systems to increase the utility of the automation networks being deployed today. We call this lighting as a platform for location services. 

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About the conference:  
AI+IoT Business Conference – Autumn Smart business has disrupted traditional industries with brand new opportunities and numerous new business models following the trend of intelligent business. The smart business industry is in urgent need of a series of conferences to help pioneer the exchange of ideas and have a closer look at the essence of the industry and upgrade their business. Further R&D on big data and artificial intelligence, industrial Internet platform and “Intelligence +” are keys to transformation and upgrading the manufacturing industry and accelerating the technology transformation. Companies are making effort to attract more consumers with a wider variety of products that bring convenience to the consumer.  The “AI+IoT Business Conference”, a leading conference in the AIoT industry, was first held in 2017 by Tuya. As of now, Tuya has held two such conferences and eleven “Future Intelligent Business Summits” with over 100 leading companies, 300 opinion leaders, 100 renowned investors and 2000 pioneers of intelligent business, exchanging business knowledge and ideas.