Actions TechLife 2020 Partner Conference

The Global Trends and Advancements in Bluetooth® Audio Streaming Solution Area  

Presenter: Lori Lee, Senior Marketing Manager, APAC, Bluetooth SIG  


This presentation will cover the latest global trends, market opportunities, and new advancements in audio streaming solution area. Sharing the next generation of Bluetooth audio, LE Audio. Not only will LE Audio enhance Bluetooth audio performance, it will add support for hearing aids and enable Audio Sharing, an entirely new use case that is poised to once again transform the way we experience audio and connect with the world around us. 

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About the Seminar: 

Actions TechLife 2020 partner conference of Actions Technology is an internal meeting held every year to invite strategic partners, which is to share the future market trend and strategic planning of Actions technology, products and market with partners.In order to promote the common development of the industry, partners to progress together. ”TechLife” is a conference brand under Actions Technology 

About the Organizer: 


Its main business is the research, development, design and sales of low-power wireless Internet of Things SoC and MCU. It focuses on providing professional chips for wireless audio, smart wear, voice interaction and other intelligent Internet of things fields centering on sound perception information. 

Actions devoted to develop low power wireless communication and low power multimedia processing and other IoT technology, a comprehensive accumulation, independent intellectual property rights of software and hardware and algorithm including bluetooth radio and wireless communication technology, high performance ADC and DAC and a full set audio signal chain technology which have low noise and low power consumption , efficient power management, comprehensive analog technology, such as high-speed analog interface before and after the audio processing and multimedia processing technology such as audio codec. In order to help customers reduce the threshold of competitiveness based on the company’s chip, based on different professional level chip companies to provide customers with a complete chip solution of the reference design or convenient second development of software and hardware development platform. 

Language: Mandarin Chinese