2020 Bluetooth China Online Seminar

Embracing Bluetooth® Technology: Global Trends and Market Update   

Presenter: Lori Lee, Senior Marketing Manager, APAC, Bluetooth SIG   

Description: This presentation will cover the latest global trends and market opportunities, and new advancements in each of the key Bluetooth solution areas, including of audio streaming, data transfer, location service and devices network.   

Language: Mandarin, English (depends on the session)  

The Latest Advancements and Use Cases in Bluetooth® Technology   

Presenter: Jim Katsandres, Director of Developer Relations, Bluetooth SIG   

Description: This presentation will cover the latest technology specifications and use cases for Bluetooth including the latest version 5.2, LE Audio, Dali lighting, Covid-19 exposure notification, contact tracing and safe return to work use cases.   

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About the Conference:  

The annual Bluetooth event has been successfully held in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, attracting many Bluetooth developers, manufacturers and other industry experts to participate. In order to comply with the new change and break through the geographical limitation, this year’s largest Bluetooth event will be transformed to online format, held over two morning sessions.  In addition to the Bluetooth SIG speeches, local member companies including Alibaba, Barrot, Cassia Networks, InPlay, Osram, Silicon Labs China, TeLink and Tuya will speak on different Bluetooth solutions areas with the new-version specifications.