What is Bluetooth Technology?

Advice & How-to

Here are a few tips that might help you get your Bluetooth product working but our best advice is to contact the manufacturer.

Disclaimer: The Bluetooth Special Interest Group does not make, manufacture or sell any Bluetooth® technology products. Therefore, we cannot answer any specific product questions.

However, we can try and point you in the right direction and provide some basic tips. Our members help advance Bluetooth technology and create the innovative products that allow you to enjoy a wireless lifestyle.

Tip #1—research your issue on the Internet. Try typing in the problem, the model number and see what comes up. You probably aren’t the first person to have this issue.

Tip #2—contact the manufacturer of the device. Most places have a customer service department. Go to the Internet and type in the manufacturer of your device and customer service to find a number or self-help section.

Tip #3—if you can’t pair your devices, make sure your Bluetooth connection is turned on. In most phones, you can find it under “Settings.” On a PC or tablet, you may also find it under “Settings” or as a separate network connection in the lower right-hand corner of the toolbar.

Tip #4—make sure your devices are supposed to work together in the first place. You should totally be able to pair a phone and speaker or PC and mouse but, honestly, why are you trying to pair a mouse to a speaker or a headset to your printer? If it doesn’t make sense, don’t even try.

Tip #5—sometimes you just need to restart. Power both devices off and then on again.