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Bluetooth Developer Studio 1.1 Now Available

This graphical, GATT-based application development and debugging tool is designed to help developers create consistent Bluetooth services and applications across multiple chipsets and platforms.​

Protocol Viewer in Developer Studio

Developer Studio 1.1 delivers a new Protocol Viewer providing a graphical view of Bluetooth commands and sequences in real time as you test and debug your device. Not only will it help you troubleshoot design problems but it will give you a deeper understanding of GATT commands.

Bluetooth Developer Studio is a powerful toolset that provides the following significant benefits:

elektronik product of the year
  • Cuts your Bluetooth technology education time by up to 50%
  • Reduces time to market by up to 70%
  • Delivers a higher quality user experience through more consistent implementations

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*Note: For physical device testing, you will need to buy a PTS dongle here​. The PTS dongle allows communication with Bluetooth low energy device. ​

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