Kits to help you learn more about Bluetooth

The Bluetooth SIG provides several Education Kits designed to help developers quickly learn how to start building with Bluetooth® technology.

Learn Bluetooth Low Energy basics

Bluetooth LE Developer Starter Kit—is a comprehensive package that includes foundation-level information and hands-on labs that walk you through assembling a Bluetooth low energy device from basic parts and a mobile application to go with it.

Learn about Web Bluetooth

Web Bluetooth Tutorial—illustrates how to use the Web Bluetooth APIs to achieve fundamental tasks involving Bluetooth Low Energy and you’ll get the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice with a hands-on coding project.

Learn how to Deploy BlueZ v5.50 on Raspberry Pi3

How to Deploy BlueZ v5.50 on Raspberry Pi3 and Use It, Part 1—shows how use the BlueZ protocol stack to create applications on Raspberry Pi3.

Learn how to Deploy BlueZ v5.50 on Raspberry Pi3 — Provisioning

How to Deploy BlueZ v5.50 on Raspberry Pi3 and Use It, Part 2—shows you how to build a new (unprovisioned) device, provisioned by meshctl on a Raspberry Pi3 (R Pi3) board.

Learn how to develop Bluetooth mesh device firmware

Bluetooth Mesh Developer Study Guide—is a self-study educational resource which covers both the theory and practice of Bluetooth mesh device firmware development. By working through its coding exercises, you’ll develop a working mesh network, with devices acting as on/off switches, dimmer controls and as a simple light. You’ll learn about a variety of Bluetooth mesh models and cement your understanding by implementing these models using the SDK for the Zephyr RTOS.

Learn how to create applications which can talk to a Bluetooth mesh network

Bluetooth Mesh Proxy Kit—is a self-study educational resource which teaches the key technicalities involved in creating applications for smartphones and other platforms which can monitor and control nodes in a Bluetooth mesh network. It introduces the mesh proxy protocol, explains related concepts and provides hands-on coding experience. Developers will learn some theory and then focus on developing a mesh proxy client application which they will test against a test mesh proxy node, the code for which is provided and which can be run on a Raspberry Pi or similar.

Learn how to build Bluetooth beacons

Beacon Smart Starter Kit—teaches you how to build your own Bluetooth beacon or integrate beacon technology into your existing products and apps.

Learn how to connect Bluetooth devices to the Internet

Bluetooth Secure Gateway Kit—teaches you how to move data from all of your Bluetooth devices into the cloud without a mobile device while giving you the ability to control all of them from one place.