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Become a Bluetooth SIG Member

Any organization that uses Bluetooth technology in its products, including rebranding Bluetooth enabled technology, must become a member of the Bluetooth SIG. As a member organization, you gain access to the license to use the Bluetooth technology and globally-recognized brand, and you join hundreds of the world's most successful companies in developing and influencing Bluetooth technology.


Qualify Your Bluetooth Design

One of the primary purposes of the SIG is to help members ensure that all designs are properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreements


You do not need to qualify your design if you are using an already qualified Bluetooth design. You still need to pay the declaration fee and declare your product.


Declare Your Bluetooth Product

To sell, brand or rebrand a product using any of the Bluetooth trademarks—either the logo and/or the word "Bluetooth"—you must declare your product at the Bluetooth SIG. This verifies that your product is properly declared and complies with the licensing agreements. 

Did You Know?

A declaration may include multiple products if each product is using the exact same Bluetooth design referenced in your compliance agreement. This will save you from paying multiple declaration fees.



Brand & Market Your Bluetooth Product

The Bluetooth brand brings confidence and an expectation of quality, interoperability and ease-of-use. After you join the SIG and qualify and declare your product, you now have the right to use the Bluetooth Trademark License—authorizing use of the Bluetooth trademarks.

Your declared product can gain significant advantages by incorporating the globally recognized Bluetooth word and trademarks in your packaging and merchandising. 

The trademark is recognized by over 92% of people worldwide.



Read through our online resources to understand how the brand is used and protected by SIG members:

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