Qualification Enforcement Program

The recognized and trusted Bluetooth name, logo and brand offer tremendous benefits

The Bluetooth Enforcement program protects all Bluetooth SIG members by ensuring all Bluetooth products are properly qualified, declared and branded. The enforcement program monitors the market and performs monthly audits to ensure members are using trademarks in accordance with the Bluetooth brand guide and selling goods and services that have successfully completed both the Bluetooth qualification and declaration process.​ 

As of September 2017, the program has:

  • Identified 1172 qualification enforcement issues
    • 993 issues—incomplete qualification and listing
    • 179 issues—incorrect use of trademark(s), correction(s) needed on qualification and/or listing, missing products, etc.
  • Suspended 363 memberships 

Additional Information on Brand and Qualification

There is no requirement to use the Bluetooth word mark or logos in relation to a good or service, but if the trademark(s) are used then it can ONLY be used by a member of the Bluetooth SIG and for a properly declared product. ​​Members not completing the requirements or misusing the Bluetooth trademarks for the products they build, brand or otherwise represent as their own, are subject to enforcement action.

Without listing your product, you cannot legally use the Bluetooth name or logo, which gives you the advantage of broad consumer trust and recognition. You are encouraged to review the conditions of the Bluetooth Patent & Copyright License Agreement and Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement. If you have questions, consult your legal counsel.

Do I Need to List My Product?

“Do I need to list my product?” We get this question all the time. The answer is yes. Not everyone needs to qualify but everyone who does the following must complete the declaration and listing process:

  • Builds, brands, manufactures or represents any Bluetooth product as your own
  • Buys a white-label Bluetooth speaker to brand and sell under another name
  • Puts a qualified Bluetooth module inside your product

If you are a retailer or supplier who is simply selling or distributing another company’s Bluetooth product and you are not branding or representing the product as your own, you do not need to qualify or list the product. Read “Do I Need to Need to Declare or Qualify My Product?”

What happens if I don’t list my product?     

You become subject to enforcement action. Read the updated policy here where we outline the escalation schedule. If no corrective actions are taken, your Bluetooth SIG membership could be suspended or revoked.

Members can report a violation

Bluetooth SIG members are a major source of information for this program by reporting violations. In many countries, customs is also integral to reporting trademark violations by impounding products using the trademarks incorrectly or products not found in the SIG listing database. If you suspect a product is in violation, you may report that here