Bluetooth Developer Starter Kit

Are you ready to develop with blue?

If you are new to Bluetooth® technology and want hands-on learning, the Bluetooth Developer Starter Kit is for you.

This comprehensive self-study kit will equip you with a solid understanding of key Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) concepts before guiding you through a series of software development projects which will allow you to put the theory into practice.

The kit will allow you to:

  • Design a custom Bluetooth profile which meets the requirements of a peripheral device and associated client application, dealing with issues like proximity, loss of the peripheral and monitoring its temperature.
  • Build and create the code for the Bluetooth peripheral device using an Arduino Primo, Arduino 101 or Raspberry Pi together with a few electronic components like LEDs and resistors.
  • Develop a client application for Android using Java, iOS using Swift or a cross platform application for both Android and iOS using the Apache Cordova SDK.
  • Finish with the satisfaction of testing your client application with the Bluetooth peripheral which you built and programmed and see the whole system in action!

Download the kit to develop with blue and create amazing things!

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