Application Accelerator 2.1

Develop with blue to create apps for next-generation Bluetooth devices.

Application Accelerator 2.1 helps you create code to develop Bluetooth® apps that work on tablets, smartphones, or PCs across Android 6.0, Blackberry, iOS 9, Tizen 2.4 and Windows 10.

This simple-to-use introductory kit speeds up the development process, ultimately saving valuable time and resources. The kit provides you with:

  • Source code for a service browser tool to interrogate and manipulate a device with Bluetooth low energy technology for the services, characteristics, and attributes contained on the device 
  • Self-directed labs to learn how to create an app and integrate it into your device with Bluetooth low energy technology
  • Documentation and tutorial videos to take you from concept to reality

Develop with blue and create your apps today.

Download the Kit

Please review the end user licensing agreement. After clicking “Submit” in the form you will receive an e-mail link to the Application Accelerator 2.1.