These member companies provide resources, development kits, tools and market-ready Bluetooth products.

Company Description
Alpwise Worldwide leading provider of Bluetooth® protocol stack.
Apple Offers platform SDK for application development. Offers the first smartphone that supported Bluetooth® 4.0.
Arendi AG Design house specialized in electronics and APP development for Bluetooth® communications products located in Switzerland
BlackBerry Offers platform SDK and more for application development.
Bluegiga Offers single-mode development kits and more.
BlueKitchen GmbH Offers dual-mode host subsystem for bare metal and RTOS with built-in communication logger.
BlueRadios Offers single- and dual-mode development kits and more.
Broadcom Offers application development kit.
Clarinox Offers dual-mode host subsystem for any RTOS, wireless middleware with built-in protocol analyzer, and IDE and EVM.
Cloud2GND Engineering services firm specializing in wireless connectivity solutions. We offer deep domain knowledge in embedded systems, especially around Bluetooth® technology, where we provide design, development, test, deployment and maintenance services for our clients and their customers. Contact Brian Blum for more information.
Cobra AT SpA Specializes in vehicle electronics with a team dedicated to parts and accessories for powered two-wheelers. HelloBiker 2.0 is available for distribution as an after-market accessory and as a branded version. Contact Bengt Sjöberg.
Cypress Semiconductor Offers Bluetooth® controller ICs, SoCs, certified modules, development kits, reference designs and other development resources.
Dialog Semiconductor Offers Bluetooth® resources, development kits and more.
Fihonest Communication Provides the latest, most comprehensive range of Bluetooth® modules and profiles. Helps customers with complete PCBA design for even faster product implementation. Contact William Lim.
Google/Android Offers platform SDK and more for application development.
Hosiden Corporation Develops Bluetooth® appcessory devices, headsets, speakers, remote controllers, wireless modules and ODM/OEM solutions. Contact Mitsuhiro Wada.
ISSC Technologies Corp. Offers platforms for Bluetooth® device development.
LM Technologies Ltd. Offers Bluetooth® products from SMT modules that support SPP or HID firmware or SPP HFP, PBAP, AVRCP, A2DP to support multimedia modules. Contact Michael Sims.
Microsoft Offers platform SDK and more for application development.
Nordic Semiconductor Offers single-mode development kits and more.
ON Semiconductor Global semiconductor company whose silicon, software and solutions serve multiple industries, and include Bluetooth® Low Energy controller ICs, SoCs, certified modules, development kits, reference designs and other development resources.
Open Road Solutions, Inc. The BikerCom motorcycle communications system is Open Road Solutions’ first product and enables motorcycle enthusiasts to enjoy communication and entertainment when riding their motorcycles. Contact Margery Liu.
Rayson Technology Co, Ltd. Specializes in various Bluetooth® enabled products like modules, dongles, serial ports, headset, car kits and phone adaptors. Contact Rachel Hsieh.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Transforming the world using its multi-technology wireless chip solutions, including Bluetooth® technology. Contact Allan Eriksen.
SEARAN Provides dual mode and single mode Bluetooth® Low Energy stack, dotstackTM, already ported to a wide selection of platforms, with free evaluation of the off-the-shelf solutions Contact Arkady Pittel.
Shenzhen Baojia Battery Technology Co., Ltd. Designs and manufactures Bluetooth® enables products. In-house art and design, RandD and manufacturing facilities turn your Bluetooth ideas into a reality. Contact Kevin Shu.
Shenzhen Boomtech Industrial Co., Ltd. Specializes in providing high-quality, cost-effective Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi module solutions used in intelligent furniture, networking, speakers, headphones, wearable and other markets. Contact Ken Fang.
Silicon Labs

Semiconductor company that creates silicon, software, and solutions that enable the connetion of things, information and people. Contact Mikko Savolainen.

Socket Mobile

Provides handheld computers, portable barcode/RFID readers, and POS hardware designed for mobile applications in healthcare, hospitality and others. Its Bluetooth® offerings include mobile computers, barcode scanners, USB adapters and OEM Modules. Contact Les Lee.

S-Power Electronics Ltd.

Leading provider of design and development of OWM/ODM solutions with its own Bluetooth® qualified modules (BG312L). Also provides Bluetooth smartphone application design solutions for iOS and Android. Contact Sam Ying.

Telit Offers single-mode platform independent profile solutions.
TI Offers single-mode development kits and more.
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