Are you ready to develop with blue?

Download the Secure Gateway Kit to learn how to connect your Bluetooth® devices to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Bluetooth Secure Gateway kit shows developers, makers, hackers and OEMs how to create a secure connection between Bluetooth low energy devices and the cloud without a smartphone or tablet as a go between. This means people can control devices from thousands of miles away.

The hands-on labs in the kit will help you familiarize yourself with how to set up a device to act as a secure gateway for your Bluetooth low energy devices. The kit walks you through how to setup the gateway, set up the web interface and explains how to navigate and interact with your Bluetooth devices while exploring services and characteristics in a secure fashion.

What makes it secure?

  • Support for Bluetooth 4.2 low energy security
  • Pairing and bonding support
  • Notifications for low energy devices
  • HTTPs to web services

Download the kit to develop with blue and connect your devices beyond the home and into the cloud today.

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