The table below identifies the possible ​​values for the {client} field of a UCI string.

To request additional entries to be added to this table, please contact the Audio, Telephony and Automotive Working Group:

Client ID ​Client Name Company Name Notes
skype Skype Microsoft
lync Lync Microsoft
ftime Facetime Apple
jabr Jabber​ Cisco
​bbv Blackberry Voice Blackberry
bbm Blackberry Messenger Blackberry
eyebm Eyebeam Counterpath​
​​wbrtc Any WebRTC enabled browser N/A Firefox and Chrome Browsers
qq QQ Tencent Technology
spika Spika Studio Djetelina d.o.o?
gtalk Google Talk Google
fbch Facebook Chat Facebook
tgrm Telegram Telegram Messenger LLP
lne Line Line Corporation
wtsap WhatsApp Facebook
vbr Viber Rakuten
mme MessageMe Yahoo
kkt KakaoTalk Daum Communications
wcht WeChat Tencent
tgo Tango​ TangoMe Inc.
kik KIK KIK Interactive
nbuz Nimbuzz Nimbuzz BV / Nimbuzz Internet India Pvt. Ltd)
hgus Hangouts Google
con ChatOn Samsung
mngr Messanger Facebook
chsec ChatSecure
icht iChat Apple
rnds Rounds Rounds Entertainment Ltd.
imo PageBites, Inc.
qik Skye Qik Microsoft
​lbn ​Libon ​Orange Vallée
​vonm ​Vonage Mobile ​Vonage
​ov ​ooVo ​ooVoo LLC
​un000 to un999 ​Unknown ​Unknown ​If the client is unknown, the host OS should assign a string from the range un000 to un999 inclusive.The string should be assigned to this client for the time it was installed to when it is uninstalled, after which, the string can be reused.