Bluetooth Test & Interoperability Committee (BTI)

Any information provided here is under the oversight of the Bluetooth® Test & Interoperability Committee (BTI). To learn more about testing, and to find ways to contribute, we recommend that you join the BTI Committee.

Test Specification Errata System

Use the Test Specification Errata System to report problems identified with test requirements. This includes issues with Test Specification documents, Implementation Conformance Statements (ICSs) and the Test Case Reference List (TCRL).

Test Case Waiver Release Request (TCWR)

Any member with the following issues may submit a TCWR to use the Test Specification Errata System if the test case verdict is preventing said member from qualifying its product:

  • A test requirement contradicts Bluetooth Core or Profile specifications
  • A test requirement incorrectly or inappropriately implements a test specification
  • The test case verdict associated with its test case purpose cannot be reliably determined by following the prescribed test steps

Please follow the TCWR process by following the link below and filling out both a Test Spec Errata Request and a Test Case Waiver Request.


Test Vector Resources

Gain Access to Test Vectors and Consecutive Updates

To request a new Test Vector license, please visit the Registration page.
If you already hold a license you may download existing test vectors from the Test Vector Overview page.

Test Vector Errata

If you have a problem related to the use of the Test Vector, you may have caught an error relating to the test specification or the test vector.

Product Donations

The Bluetooth SIG accepts and appreciates member companies’ donations of any end products and testing products to the device library pool. The SIG uses donated products for Bluetooth technology improvement, interoperability testing and development of the Profile Tuning Suite.

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