These members have the manufacturing experience to produce your custom designs or provide products for rebranding.

Advanced & Wise Technology Corporation

A&W provides software technology and industry integrated solutions that add value and interoperability to​ Bluetooth® devices. Millions of best-selling devices have incorporated A&W’s Bluetooth software and firmware resolutions in diverse platforms and embedded systems.

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Hosiden Corporation

Hosiden Corporation is a Japanese company with extensive experience and know-how in the area of acoustic and mechanical products. Hosiden develops Bluetooth® appcessory devices, Bluetooth headsets, speakers, remote controllers, wireless modules and ODM/OEM solutions.

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ISSC Technologies Corp.

ISSC Technologies Corp. is a well-known Bluetooth® Silicon chip & Module maker and has committed to provide world class Bluetooth variety of solutions. ISSC offers single-chip Bluetooth most-updated compliant Silicon chips for Mono Headsets, Stereo Headsets, Car Kits, Speakers, Mouse, Keyboards, Game Controllers, Toys, Healthcare and Fitness by Apple MFi Adjunct Technology Solutions.

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LM Technologies

LM Technologies Ltd focuses on designing and manufacturing. The company develops its own, Firmware, Hardware and Software Applications to enable a customers total solution. Its Bluetooth® products range includes; SMT modules which can support either a SPP or HID (firmware) or SPP HFP, PBAP, AVRCP, A2DP to support our Multimedia modules . Its Bluetooth Serial Adapters have US and EU patented firmware which act are true cable replacement solution and our USB adapter range come with either a Nano Footprint or Long Range External Antenna for use within industrial markets.

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Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor designs and manufactures single-mode chips, and has provided core expertise to the specification.

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Rayson Technology Co., Ltd.

Rayson Technology Co., Ltd.

Rayson Technology specializes in various communication products including Bluetooth® enabled products such as modules, dongles, serial ports, headsets, car kits and phone adaptors. Thanks to its RD/engineering capability and production facility, Rayson Technology can also further OEM/ODM Bluetooth goods.

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Salutica Allied Solutions

Salutica Allied Solutions develops and manufactures in its own factory Bluetooth® appcessory devices, headsets, speakers, and ODM/OEM solutions. It provides vertically integrated manufacturing services to global major brands.

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SEARAN is dedicated to providing the best solutions in embedded Bluetooth® connectivity. We offer off-the-shelf SDK on a variety of platforms and services for customization. Our dual and single mode stack, dotstack™, is constantly upgraded, tested and supported by a team of very experienced stack developers.

Contact Arkady Pittel

Shenzhen Boomtech Industrial Co., Ltd.

Boomtech specializes in providing high quality, cost-effective Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi module solutions. Boomtech delivers sincere service and strong R & D experience with support from CSR, AIROHA, ISSC, and Mediatek Products range from TrueWireless, wireless subwoofer, Soundbar, DSP integrated with Bluetooth, Apple MFI technology etc., used in intelligent furniture, networking, speakers, headphones, wearable and other markets

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Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs isn’t your average semiconductor company. They are rebels on a mission to transform industries, grow businesses, and improve lives. Their life’s work is to create the silicon, software, and solutions that enable the connection of things, information, and people. They believe in the power of small teams with big ideas. Their customers are their partners, and they help them create products people love. They value creativity, simplicity, authenticity, and diversity.

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Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments designs and manufactures analog technologies, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductors. TI is a leader in semiconductor solutions for analog and digital embedded and applications processing.

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Argenox® provides full Bluetooth® Engineering and Design. From Hardware to Firmware and Apps, we offer product design, testing, and manufacturing as well as expert consulting. Our experience with dozens of Bluetooth enabled products allows us to help you build your product faster and better.

Contact Gustavo Litovsky

BDE Technology Co., Ltd.

With nearly five years R&D experience on Bluetooth® Low Energy technology, BDE is a leading provider of Bluetooth Smart software licenses, fully certified modules (QDID:B021702) and turn-key solution as well as APPs of Smart devices (iPhone, Android Phone and tablets) based on BDE’s Bluetooth protocol stack BDSLETM (QDID:B020484).

Contact Jerson Hu

Bluegiga Technologies

Bluegiga is committed to provide innovative and easy-to-use, short-range wireless connectivity solutions to OEMs, device manufacturers and system integrators. Currently, our technology portfolio includes Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. Our products include a wide range of wireless modules, varying from ultra-low power Bluetooth  modules to best in class long range Bluetooth Classic and Wi-Fi products..

Contact Mikko Savolainen

Cobra AT SpA

Cobra AT SpA is a company specializing in vehicle electronics, with a team dedicated to powered two-wheelers. HelloBiker 2.0, the helmet multimedia communication system, is available as an OEM circuit board, to be integrated in helmets, motorcycle garments or different plastic casings. Cobra AT SpA supplies complete solutions or only the circuit board.

Contact Bengt Sjöberg

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. delivers high-performance, high-quality solutions at the heart of today’s most advanced embedded systems, from automotive, industrial and networking platforms to highly interactive consumer and mobile devices. Cypress’s Bluetooth Low Energy solutions include:

  • Single-chip solutions (PSoC® 4 BLE or PRoC BLE) that integrate ARM® Cortex®-M0, analog front ends, programmable digital logic, CapSense® and a Bluetooth Low Energy radio
  • Fully-integrated and certified Bluetooth® Low Energy modules (EZ-BLE) designed for ease-of-use and reduced-time-to-market
  • Reference designs, development kits and a free Integrated Design Environment (PSoC Creator) to develop a complete system using Bluetooth Low Energy

Contact Jayant Somani

Fihonest Communication Co., Ltd

Fihonest Communication is one of the most reliable Bluetooth® module and solution company in China. Over the years, we had helped numerous clients with high quality product, excellent design and timely delivery. We have the latest, most comprehensive range of Bluetooth modules and profiles, so as to satisfy all needs, especially in the area of Automotive, Audio, Bluetooth Low Energy and Consumer application. Besides that, we also help customers with complete PCBA design for even faster product implementation.

Contact William Lim

Flaircomm Technologies Inc.

Flaircomm Technologies Inc. is a high-tech company focusing on developing wireless communication technologies and products. The offering includes Bluetooth® Hands-free Speaker, Bluetooth mono/stereo headset, Bluetooth GPS navigator, Bluetooth modules.

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Grinn Sp. z o.o.

Grinn is a design house of a full cycle, specializing in hardware and embedded software development. We focus on wireless solutions mainly for IoT devices in business, healthcare, construction and safety industries. One of our key advantages is the provision of full-cycle services from an idea to production management.

Contact Lukasz Gajda

Holy Stone

Holy Stone is a leading provider of industrial and consumer electronic components such as ISSC and Microchip. We also provide world-class support for Apple MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad) Adjunct Technology solutions to App-Enabled Accessory and other OS (e.g. Android and Win 8) via Bluetooth® 3.0 Std. SPP&BLE 4.0 connectivity.

Contact Kevin Chen

Infortech (China) Co., Ltd

Infortech is a professional provider of IC solutions, and has a number of leading international semiconductor manufactures in China. Our main products are: Microchip and ISSC, as well as other products. We provide world-class support for app-enabled accessory via Bluetooth® 3.0 and 4.0 connectivity.

Contact Summer Yin

IVT Corporation

IVT‘s Bluetooth® stack and modules support Bluetooth v4.0, v3.0, and v2.1+EDR. IVT offers standard and customized solutions for car audio IVI systems, smartphone accessories, data communication applications, remote health systems, and industrial devices. IVT’s solution supports iOS, Android, Linux, Windows CE, micro embedded systems, and desktop OS.

Contact Zhu Yong

Jess Technology

Jess Technology Co. Ltd. is an experienced company to design, develop, market semiconductor/IC total solution in different fields of multimedia, automobile, wireless, game & toys. We also provide Apple MFi Adjunct Technology solution and App-Enabled Accessory solution with Bluetooth® technology and App development.

Contact Dicky Cheung


Lanwis is engaged in the research and development of Bluetooth® technology. Lanwis designs and develops OEM/ODM Bluetooth solutions with its own Bluetooth Host stack — BDK — which is qualified according to Ver2.1+EDR and Ver3.0+HS specifications. Lanwis also provides a Bluetooth turnkey host solution — wWare — with multi-profile integrated which supports Android, Moblin/Linux, WinCE and Windows OS.

Contact Derek Zhang

Myland Limited

Myland was granted with MFi Adjunct technology licensee from Apple since 2011; thus, able to provide professional services to customers. With years of Bluetooth® related product design, MCU programming & hardware design experiences, Myland provides good technical support to customers in all regards of development, PCB layout & mass production..

Contact K.H. Lau

Promaster Technology Corporation

Promaster is a distributor of electronic components (such as ISSC, Microchip, RFMD) and provides Apple MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad logos) Adjunct Technology solutions for both iOS App Enabled Accessory and Bluetooth® 3.0 Std. SPP (&BLE 4.0) for other OSs App Accessory via Bluetooth connectivity.

Contact Henry Tan

Shenzhen SuLong Communication Ltd.

SuLong is the provider of the Bluetooth® 4.0 communication solutions and modules (BQE qualified modules),it is a company specializing in Medical and health equipment development – for example blood pressure, blood glucose meter, ear thermometer, electronic cigarettes, etc. We provides the software and hardware technology of the Bluetooth Low Energy and the fast and efficient service for customers with the product implementation.

Contact Haibo Wang

Shenzhen Walmate Electronics Co., Ltd

Walmate is the provider of Bluetooth® communication solutions and modules. We are focusing on the platform development based on CSR, Broadcom, OV and SJS Bluetooth chipset. With talented and experienced engineering team, we are capable both of hardware and software. From the initial schematic design, PCBA, programming, function tests and final product output, Walmate Wireless is gathering reputation in his fast response, cost effective solutions and flexibility in customization.

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S-Power Electronics Ltd

S-Power is a leading provider of design and develops OEM/ODM solution with own Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy qualified modules (BG312L) specifically for Bluetooth products. We also provides Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy smart phone application design solution supports iOS and Android.

Contact Sam Ying

Wireless Technologies, Inc.

Wireless Technologies, Inc. designs and develops OEM/ODM solutions with its own Bluetooth® qualified modules or end products such as 3g acceleration sensor, wireless mic, SPP/stereo modules as well as partners’ products or solutions. In addition, Wireless Technologies provides distribution service of consumer electronics products for the domestic Japanese market.

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