Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) supports a mesh topology for establishing many-to-many (m:m) device communications. The mesh capability is optimized for creating large-scale device networks and is ideally suited for building automation, sensor network, and asset tracking solutions. Only Bluetooth mesh networking brings the proven, global interoperability and mature, trusted ecosystem associated with Bluetooth technology to the creation of industrial-grade device networks.​

Building Automation

New control and automation systems, from lighting to heating/cooling to security, are making homes and offices a lot smarter. Bluetooth mesh networking supports these smart buildings—enabling tens, hundreds, or even thousands of wireless devices to reliably and securely communicate with each other.

Wireless Sensor Networks

The wireless sensor network (WSN) market is growing fast. Especially in industrial WSNs (IWSN) where many companies are making significant cost and efficiency improvements to existing WSNs. Bluetooth mesh networking is designed to meet the strict reliability, scalability, and security requirements of IWSNs.

Asset Tracking

Capable of supporting broadcast topology, Bluetooth LE became an attractive alternative for asset tracking over active RFID. The addition of mesh networking lifted Bluetooth LE range limitations and established the adoption of Bluetooth asset tracking solutions for use in larger and more complex building environments.