The Original Wearable Gets a
Bluetooth Makeover

Innovation is one of the most exciting things about wireless technology, and it can come from anywhere. At CES this year, we had the opportunity to see cutting-edge applications and creative thinking from both startups and time-honored brands.

Wearables are all the rage right now, offered by dozens or hundreds of different brands, but don’t think the creators of one of the original kinds of wearables aren’t in on the game: Timex is innovating right alongside the rest. For people who like the idea of tracking steps, calories, and even sleep, but prefer the look—and battery life—of a traditional watch, Timex made the IQ+ Move, a “fitness band incognito.” 

Ted Niedziela, Senior Product Manager at Timex, told us all about the watch and why his company chose Bluetooth technology to pair it with a smartphone app that both tracks your data and controls watch setup. Check out the video. 

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