Smile! You’re on Wireless Camera

Changing the way we do everyday things, like take photographs, is one of the most beautiful parts of the IoT. Not that long ago, the concept of “taking a selfie” entered our cultural consciousness; now everyone knows a selfie is taken with an outstretched arm and often results in getting fingers, or the unflattering undersides of our chins, in the photos.

Until now. With a product that reminds us we should expect our sense of “the norm” to continually change, Podo Labs has completely altered the selfie—and perhaps photography as a whole. Podo is a wireless camera that fits in the palm of your hand, sticks to any surface, and sends photos and video to you phone with Bluetooth. Now you can take a selfie from a distance, inconspicuously record the surprise party’s guest of honor, and get any of a million other previously unimagined photo and video angles and opportunities.

Podo Labs chose Bluetooth for the Podo camera because of its ease of connectivity and high bandwidth. The audio protocols made Bluetooth the right choice for their second product, Jack, which makes any wired headphones wireless. We’re excited to see what Podo Labs comes up with next. In the meantime, see what Co-Founder and President Eddie Lee has to say about CES and his company’s work with Bluetooth.  


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