Bluetooth Mesh Will Be a Hot Topic
at Bluetooth World 2018

At Bluetooth World this year, I’ll be running a Bluetooth® mesh developer workshop on each of the two days of the conference.

In each session, I’ll start by talking about the fundamental concepts and technicalities of Bluetooth mesh technology, focusing on the key points that developers will need to understand to get started developing firmware for Bluetooth mesh devices.

Theory is important but, like most people, I like to see the theory in action, so I’ll also be demonstrating a 66-node Bluetooth mesh network live on stage.

Bluetooth mesh is designed for applications like smart buildings, where lights, switches, sensors, and other building systems work together to create an efficient and even self-optimising environment. But users, like building managers, also need to be able to monitor and control their network and the devices it contains, so I’ll be controlling my demonstration mesh network using a Web Bluetooth application from my laptop and explaining how this was achieved.

Armed with an understanding of the theory and having seen it in action, we’ll finish by doing some hands-on coding to learn how to develop firmware for Bluetooth mesh devices using the Zephyr RTOS. Time is limited, but the session should get developers started and will provide them with a self-study resource to progress their mesh coding skills further after Bluetooth World has ended.

Developers wishing to attend the Bluetooth mesh hands-on coding session must bring their own laptops to the session with certain required software installed and working. Details can be found here

This session will help developers get up to speed with this exciting new Bluetooth technology fast. Hope to see you there.

See the full list of developer sessions and register for your all-access pass to Bluetooth World 2018.


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